I played the U.K. version of Secret Files: Tunguska to write this walkthrough, and experienced no problems. Unfortunately, this will not be the case for. Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough. Secret Files: Tunguska (PC) Guide by Grawl grawler (@t) gmail (d0t) com 05/20/ For Secret Files: Tunguska on the Wii, FAQ/Walkthrough by THayes.

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Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough

Go down the canal tungusska. But if you instead have a go at the dish with the Surgery Pliersthat keeps him occupied indefinitely. Put the animal hair in the right pipe. Examine the lamp, and there is indeed a key in there, only it’s really hot to the touch and of course, Max is a sensitive 90’s kinda guy. It is combined with the air pump to make the tube. Use the hose on the tank.

Well, this guy certainly bucks the stereotype. Take the weights form the table with the copper scale. Camera – Combine the batteries with the camera. Present the whiskey to the fisherman, and now you can use his boat to go to the island. Talk to Sabrina about Perez.

Secret Files : Tunguska Walkthrough

Examine the painter’s easel. Take care of the guard – Take the wedge holding the metal safety door open.


Then use both [Nuts] on the [Coil] tunbuska magnetise them. After the cat climbs the tree outside Oleg’s house, the cell phone is found again by using the brailer on the cell phone.

Secret Files: Tunguska walkthrough by Bert Jamin

Then head for the front door and ring the doorbell. EGG Found by using the strange egg on the egg after the penguin has moved in Antarctica. They are combined with the pointed stone to make the sharp scissors. Go to the water tungueka and place the metal egg on the niche middle of the machine.

Talk to the sewer worker. To be taken shortly before it unites with the wind. It goes to the top.

Walk to the crevasse and look at the dead man to get an amulet, lighter and diary. Have a go with the Spade at the komp,ettlsung tree as well my aren’t we a destructive lass today? Nothing much happens, but Nina notices that sparks are flying off. The compass has four spots for your [Nuts] – north, east, south west.

Now exit, and use the Tapper on the valve next to the large wall radiator to thread the rod.

Give the recipe to the Evenk to get the vial. Go upstairs and grab the [Oil lamp] and [Spearheads]. Max calls to her but she is a heavy sleeper and won’t wake up. HOSE Found on the vacuum cleaner in the storage carriage on the train. Use the wrench on the threaded valve with nut – too weak. Search the shrub at the left side of the gate tunguka get some red okmplettlsung.


Examine the flask with stone. Check the [Lamp] to find out a [Key] is inside. Use the red glass bead, amethyst and green shimmer on the diadem. Use the porcelain bowl with the radiator vent to fill it with water. Give the whiskey to the fisherman. Take the Stocking With Key and present it to the train driver. She will let you komplettlung check on Manuel Perez.

Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough

Blood of night is tomato since it tujguska a member of the nightshade family. Check the [Desk] and use the [Cassette] on the [Cassette tape recorder] and listen to the tape. Her concerns about her father appear to be justified. Go back out and take the stocking with key. You notice loud music coming from the office to the left, but the door is locked and the person inside can’t hear you knocking due to the music.

It is used on the coin showcase at the left side of Nina’s father’s room in the museum.