Información sobre horarios, esquema de paradas y recorrido de Línea R1: Molins de Rei – Maçanet – Massanes de RENFE Cercanías de Barcelona ( Rodalíes). Rodalies R1 Line runs from Molins de Rei up to Macanet-Massanes. The stops in Barcelona are Click Here to Visit RENFE Rodalies Train Timetables. R2 train line is currently the only line that arrives at the airport from Barcelona or other cities from Catalunya (Rodalies de Catalunya Renfe trains). Travellers.

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Rodalies R1

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You can preview and edit on the hofarios page. The Generalitat announces that it will stop financing through the FLA as the Treasury approves the Catalan government using the Financial Ease Fund which involves less control and Vice-president Arago….

Línea C-1 RENFE Cercanías de Madrid

Torra wants dialogue but calls to “rebel against injustice”. Going Native in Catalonia is an overview of how I renre adopted the Catalan way of life.

Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective is my analysis of the historical background to the differences between Catalan and Spanish identities. For photo credits, please click on the photograph. Unless otherwise stated all photos and text are copyright Hirarios.


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