The EVA and EVA in the 42U HP G2 Series Rack supports up . HPE / Enterprise Virtual Array Worldwide QuickSpecs in pdf format. EVA) The EVA is also available with an embedded SAN switch for see: One rack may contain two EVA or EVA controllers and a maximum of 18 disk enclosures. The EVA supports a maximum of 18 disk controllers.

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The EVA model is no longer available. The EVA is still available. The EVA is designed specifically for customers in the business critical, enterprise marketplace and is a scalable, highly available and highly reliable “virtual” array storage solution.

It is supported by a powerfully simple suite of management software making it easy for users to provision storage and to achieve the highest level of productivity. It provides easy capacity expansion, instantaneous replication and simplified storage administration.

In addition, the EVA warranty offering provides the base level of service to which you can add appropriate service options. HP Services provide additional offerings up to Critical Service, the support for mission critical environments.

They utilize the 12 bay MA disk enclosure and the same family of Fibre Channel disks. The EVA is designed to address moderate capacity and performance needs ranging from 2 to 18 drive enclosures. The EVA is designed to address moderate to large capacity with high performance needs ranging from 3- 27 drive enclosures.

Factory racking options allow the EVA to be factory integrated into cabinets with a wide variety of other HP offerings such as servers and tape back-up offerings.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array

The HP SAN integrates best-in-class storage networking components to deliver a complete connectivity platform for the Converged Infrastructure with end-to-end network storage solutions. HP’s fabric portfolio includes: For details on SAN infrastructure components and storage compatibility information, qhickspecs visit: The EVA family’s redundant architecture and value added software is designed to eliminate single-points-of-failure from server to storage in clustered or single server configurations with multi-pathing.

Thus, enabling business protection against unforeseen events. Information on implementing remote mirroring of an SAP database as part of an overall data protection strategy with SAP applications can be found at: Check the following URL for more information and availability: A disaster tolerant solution for Windows and Linux environments, Cluster Extension EVA integrates, automates, and synchronizes server cluster failover operations with the remote replication management capabilities of HP Continuous Access EVA for a disaster tolerant solution for EVA arrays whether used as primary storage or in a tiered-storage configuration.

Best practices for implementing remote mirroring of an SAP database as part of an overall data protection strategy with SAP applications can be found at: It incorporates Virtually Capacity-free Snapshot Vsnapsstandard snapshots and Snapclone capabilities with an improved user interface to assist the storage administrator. This product is indispensable for critical data center operations such as non-disruptive backups, frequent snapshots of high value databases, and data mining.

The bottom line benefits include improved disk capacity utilization and increased business continuity, data availability, and productivity savings. Designed for the enterprise market, EVA Dynamic Capacity Management Software uses advanced automation to automatically “right-size” the file system and storage volumes to ensure the highest levels of capacity utilization are achieved while reducing ongoing storage administration needs. For more information, visit: HP Business Copy EVA and HP Continuous Access EVA comes complete with HP Replication Solutions Manager, a graphical user interface and scripting environment, that greatly simplifies storage management by creating, running, and managing storage replication jobs using controller based snapshots, clones and remote mirroring.

By virtually removing the complexity associated with both small and large replication environments, point-in-time copies and remote replication are managed and configured with just a few mouse clicks. To assist the user, Information on the replication environment is presented in a variety of views, including an interactive topology manager that allows each user to select their viewing preference.


In addition, HP Replication Solutions Manager provides a scripting interface for additional flexibility. Thin Provisioning provides the ability to create a vdisk such that the operating system sees more capacity available than is physically allocated by the array.

As the OS writes data to the vdisk, the firmware will automatically allocate more space up to the size of the vdisk. The following are some of the benefits of thin provisioning. It allows customers to:. HP Replication Solutions Manager will provide a graphical interface to view the components of the database to be replicated, and allow selection of a specified database.

The replication manager will automatically suspend the Oracle application, and take a point in time copy local or remote of all associated array virtual disks. The replication manager will provide the option to restart the original Oracle database after the replicas have been initiated on the array. The user will be able to utilize the replication manager to present the replica to another host. HP Insight Control Storage Module for vCenter is used to reference the stand-alone storage installation and the storage components within the overall plug-in package Storage Module for vCenter support for the EVA allows customers who are using the VMware vSphere management console, vCenter, to monitor and manage the storage associated with VMware virtual machines.

Storage Module for vCenter is downloadable from Software Depot: HP Enterprise Virtual Arrays EVA delivers virtual storage for the midsize customer with enhanced performance, better capacity utilization, and easier management of on-demand storage activities.

For customers, one of the greatest concerns is always database performance. Everything a customer depends on when managing their most critical business asset – business data. As a result, our customers can expect a wide range of operational and business benefits where they can:.

To learn more about specific HP Storage Solutions that are built with Oracle, Exchange, SAP environments in mind, visit the solution sites supporting each of these applications.

HP Storage for Oracle hyperlink to: MPX ‘s enterprise-class high-availability design provides dual hot-plug power supplies and router blades for no single point of failure. This integration greatly reduces the cost of connecting servers to centrally managed storage and helps provide a cost-effective solution to introduce utility computing into the enterprise.

Hp eva8400 quick specs download

An EVA with multi-protocol support also provides network storage at reduced infrastructure costs. Small and medium businesses now have a lower entry point to take advantage of SAN benefits.

Large enterprises may also deploy multi-protocol SANs in departments and remote offices. For more information and operating system support: Using File services with the EVA eliminates having to manage silos of storage, File Services for the EVA creates a single, integrated storage solution that provides both easy to dva8400 application block services and scalable files services. This solution can serve both block and file data concurrently with high availability and scalable performance.

The solution is supported by a powerfully simple suite of management software making it easy for users to achieve high levels of productivity. Customers can use this solution to consolidate their individual silos of storage to gain flexibility, reduce IT costs and complexity as compared to traditionally architected qkickspecs solutions.

The components required to implement file services on the EVA are:. A portfolio of customized factory and deployment solutions from the desktop to the data center.

Configure an entire datacenter in a single rack with HP Factory Express. Configure your entire order including EVAs, Storage Area Network, POD, servers and backup in a rack, AND securely load your data prior to shipment saving time and money by providing a fully configured greener solution.

Factory Express most popular services for server and storage:. Quicksepcs more information visit: Heterogeneous and homogeneous host support provides the ability to share storage quickwpecs multiple servers. The EVA provides storage access control i. Selective Storage Presentation or LUN masking assuring that a host cannot access data belonging to a different host. SAN-based zoning is also supported.

Single-pathing or single HBA per host support is provided for all supported operating systems but may be version dependent. Use of single-pathing, which does not offer a redundant path option, should be used with care.


The EVA provides a high density disk storage solution. For the EVA an expansion cabinet allows users to expand with another 9 enclosures for a total of up to 27 disk enclosures, providing support for up to disks, and up to TB.

AG638B HP Storageworks 12 Bay Disk Enclosure Fiber channel for EVA RAID Arrays

HP wva8400 a spectrum of offerings allowing customers to align their payments according to the usage of storage capacity. Please contact your local HP representative for further information.

The minimum number of high performance fibre channel drives supported on an EVA is 8. The EVA arrays will support single or mixed drive capacities and types solid state drives, high performance and FATA within an enclosure.

HP recommends using the same drive capacity type within a disk group because virtualization allocates space proportionate to the highest capacity drive within the group. A minimum of eight FATA drives are required in a configuration. FATA drives are designed for lower duty cycle applications such as near on-line data replication for back-up. These drives should not be used as a replacement for EVA’s high performance, standard duty cycle, Fibre Channel drives.

Doing so could shorten the life quicks;ecs the drive. FATA drives are not recommended in Continuous Access applications as the remote storage location for local data residing on standard higher speed disk drives.

HP EVA Quickspecs

Continuous Access tends to perform fairly high duty cycle random writes to the remote disk array. For more information on specific support specifications see the following Switch URL: Each EVA controller pair interfaces with M drive enclosures through redundant fibre channel arbitrated loops.

Each controller has qjickspecs redundant path to quic,specs drive. The solution is enhanced to perform remote replication, and deliver high data availability and performance to users on Fibre Channel based campus, metro or continental Storage Area Networks SANs.

Each controller has four redundant Fibre Qyickspecs FC host ports. In the event of a path failure, the alternate paths to the controller can be utilized with the use of multi-path software in the Operating System software or Secure Path software. Up to nine enclosures can be connected in a redundant FC loop arrangement The EVA, with four fibre channel device ports per HSV controller, supports 2 redundant fibre channel loops.

Each controller can connect to both ports on up to drives. The HSV controllers also have dual redundant hot plug power supplies and dual redundant hot plug blowers.

Each controller has hot plug cache batteries to maintain cache contents for up to 96 hours in case of a total power failure.

The enclosure also has dual redundant hot vea8400 power supplies and dual hot plug blowers. The drives are hot plug. The EVA, as a virtualized array, always provides striping of the drives across the entire disk group.

The drives can then be arranged, using redundant Vraid 1, Vraid 5 or Vraid 6 protection, so that a drive failure will not cause loss of data. Optional distributed sparing virtual sparing can be configured so that a drive failure will trigger an automatic rebuild of the Vraid 1 or Vraid 5 data set into spare space.

The EVA sparing protection will utilize available disk space in the disk group and when that is exhausted, the established virtual spare space. This methodology of using unused capacity can give customers the ability to have many disk worth of spare space for maximum data availability, protection and peace of mind.

All EVAs have dual redundant power distribution. Two independent power cords distribute power through two Power Distribution Units PDUs to each side of the EVA cabinets and to each power supply of the controllers and to each power supply of the drive enclosures.