Seeing Photographically- Edward Weston. The author spends a lot of time explaining just how different and unique photography is. Edward Weston begins his essay by stating that all art forms have their limitations imposed on them by their tools, materials or the processes. I read Edward Weston’s “Seeing Photographically” essay years ago. But I only came to grasp its meaning this year as I was taking a digital.

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I believe that is what virtual reality needs today. So that every decision one makes when creating an image is intentional.

Agreeing with Weston, I think photographs should be deliberate and intentional in the way they look and are created. However, if such images are expanded Weston presents the idea of big enlargements and printing on a rough surface it creates a lower tension between the particles and ruins the integrity and nature of the photograph.

While it is possible for most artists to edit their product in the process of making it, the capturing of an image is instantaneous. Weston urged photographers to carefully frame their subjects. The authors argument very well opened my eyes to however, what makes photography very distinct from other forms of art. What separates photography from other practices such as painting and sculpture is time. This site uses cookies. Each type of media has unique attributes deeing them that coincides with the creative process.

January 30, at Weston says that the art that comes from photography is the mastery of the camera and the visualization of what you will do before you actually take the picture.


I thought this was very informative and made me think about my relationship with photography and how it has changed over these last couple of years. I have always believed in the art form of photography, and can appreciate is as I appreciate other works.

Photo-painters thought that photography could not be considered art for two reasons: Newer Post Older Post Home. Its composition, its framing, the lighting, the angle all this determines the artistic merit of a photograph. Pyotographically urged photographers to carefully frame their subjects. He believes that there should be no guesswork involved, no editing in post.

Fundamentals of Interactive Media: Edward Weston’s Seeing Photographically

From the perspective of someone living in that time, where the only art that previously existed before was the product of painstaking hours upon hours of work building up an image, I can see how early photography was viewed as more of a mechanical process. Now a days, a lot of music is edited with the technology available. In regards to the today, I think that people have this idea of what a good photograph and just seeks out create it rather then learning and experimenting with the tools they are using.

The extreme fineness of these particles explained by Weston creates tension in the image that cannot be replicated by the hand strokes of a painting. September 19, at 6: The text focuses on the idea of pre-visualization, how a photographer must realize the photograph in their own head before they actually capture the image.

Prompt 2 – Edward Weston “Seeing Photographically”

It is these photographs that stand with the best contemporary photographiclaly of the time. Delaware Art MuseumDigital photographyedward westonedwardwestonglenna goodacrephotographyvietnam women.


An example of one of my own Pictorialist images using differential focus.

True art in terms of photography is taking photos and being fully able to envision the end result. It is learning to see photographically — that is, learning to see his subject matter in terms of the capacities of his tools and processes, so that he can instantaneously translate the elements and values in a scene before him into the photograph he wants to make. You are commenting using your WordPress. wedton

Although creative expressionism can create limitations, I believe that it is still a useful tool in expressing oneself as the reading states. Although it is true that photographers cannot control the results other than the light, shadow, and contrastphotographs do not come out naturally good.

Before taking this course, Sfeing had never really thought about how intricate and detailed the process of taking a picture is.

December 4, at 4: However, it is the creative process of being able to take a good photo that is difficult. Outside of the immediate settings of the camera, you must also think about the processes performed in the photo lab necessary to create the pre-visualization of the image.

Like any artistic method, photography takes time and effort to learn and appreciate its craft. Weston then goes on to discuss visualization.