Menzoberranzan is a role-playing video game created by Strategic Simulations (SSI) and . “A History of D&D Video Games – Part III”. Game Spy. Retrieved. I’d highly recommend that you purchase or borrow Out of the Abyss, since it is the only source of information about Menzoberranzan in 5th. As resource guides Im using the Menzoberranzan 2e boxed set, (Ive updated it to DR) and Menzoberranzan, City of Intrigue for 4e, (which.

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The Famed City of the S&d. Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide p. Salvator stories, it’s very purple. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

In a setting that thrives on intrigue and betrayal, you need to give your players a little more leeway, which brings my to my next point: You can easily purchase well-trained slaves, fungi, molds and exotic creatures for food even ones imported from the surfacepoisons, potions, oils and elixirs, jewelry, perfumes and silk.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The house included are: The Houses that grow weak are destroyed, and newer Houses menzoberranan up to find Lolth’s favor. City of Intrigue supplement may be hard to get a physical copybut PDF is also available.

Menzoberranzan in 5e

Rites of War Sanitarium. You are given information on key players, the history of each house and some general RPG types. Any time you intend to post any promotion, message the mods ahead menzoberganzan time. The Northdark The penultimate chapter in the book is similar to City of Spiders in that it is focused on locations and demographics.


The Masquerade game to trying to find mystical artifacts for Lolth or going on raid to capture more slaves for the Drow empire. Perhaps house X worships Lolth while house Y secretly venerates Shar?

menzoberranzn Looks like the new Matron is out to hunt down and kill whoever could kill her powerful sister – good job in making yourselves a threat, guys. There are lots of physical descriptions.

I hope this helps!

Menzoberranzan is an underground city populated by the drow menzoberdanzan, and ruled over by Lolth. Remember that the Drow are an exceptionally evil race and so most of the adventures will have the PCs doing unspeakable things such as torture, murder, and perhaps even wiping out an entire population. You do get a nice look at the old gods of the Drow, some merchant clans and a few things I never new about like the festival of The Open Days, where anyone of any race is allowed into the city without harm being done to them.

However, he complained that it is “combat oriented in early levels and takes its sweet time getting to the narrative elements.

City of Intrigueeach of which has their own focus. This chapter includes tons of descriptions and a handful of illustrations other than the ones in Lino Frank Ciaralli’s answer. Views Read Edit View history. Here males learn the art of swordplay, and individual and group fighting tactics. Starless Night would be another particularly good book to reference, as it’s specifically got surface dwellers making their way into, interacting within, and getting out of Menzoberranzan.


Retrieved from ” https: Try to make the players aware that knowledge of plots and of certain characters can be powerful and useful, and that the way in which they operate can and WILL affect their standing in the city.

I imagine the holds of the houses being build up in and upon massive stalagmites which support the cavern which houses the city, with hubs of housing and structures surrounding the base. The wikis are great but they describe history and events, not physical descriptions of architecture or the common goings on. She then opened a portal for Errtu and his host of demons to lay siege to House Oblodra.

Alignment is somewhat of an issue, so just kind of ignore it. Wizards of the Coastp.

Menzoberranzan (video game) – Wikipedia

All mmenzoberranzan all, an enterprising DM should find a lot of neat ideas for adventures in this chapter. Due to ancient dwarven and Netherese artifacts lying around, this will no doubt be a place where many a Drow goes treasure hunting. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: