Documents Similar To Monster Manual – Creatures of Rokugan by Azamor. Oriental Planescape – D&D 2nd – Monstrous Compendium – Appendix 1. Documents Similar To Oriental Adventures – Creatures of Rokugan. Oriental d20 – Redhurst Academy of Magic – Student Handbook (OCR). Uploaded by. Creatures of Rokugan – Shape-shifting tricksters. Creates of Rokugan is organised like the official d20 monster books and use the same.

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Criaturas de Rokugan – Spanish Edition. Also contains advanced rules for playing Naga, Nezumi Ratlingskenku, goblins, and other strange races as player characters, as well as new feats and prestige classes for monstrous rkougan. Enumerating all of these creatures would be beyond the scope of this review, but it may be worth my while to touch on a few: Legend of the Five Rings 3rd Edition. Reviews of recently released products. There are also Rokugan-specific prestige classes in an appendix in the back, although they could be fairly easily transported into another setting.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Thursday, 6th May, Needing the Rokugan Campaign Setting to use a Rokugan book is “silly bordering on downright unacceptable”? The prestige classes, and many of the templates, are more specific to Rokugan than most of the other material here, and you have to accept that there are all-new types of things like outsiders, for example, to make use of them, but otherwise I have no reservations in recommending this book for someone who wants more — and slightly xreatures — monsters for any campaign.

These are only a few of the creatures that stalk the Jade Empire. There are three pages of the Oni lords ruling Jigoku basically Rokugani hellbut no stats for them at all Legend of the Five Rings 2nd Edition. But then again, AEG has produced some outstanding supplements for L5R so it might be worth its price. Rokugan delivered a level of production values, imagination, and rules implementation unseen by that point in third party D20 system publishers.

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There is some setting specific info here: It is worth noting that while it looks like any of the other dual system supplements for both Oriental Adventures and Legend of the Five Rings, it only provides mechanics for the former, not the latter. Creatures of Rokugan Average Rating: Level Based Earn XP and level up.

Crdatures Silven Trumpeter Issue 13 – Aug They can spawn duplicates of other characters in order to destroy them.

Creatures of Rokugan

Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition. I eagerly await the next one!

Also, the appendix introduces a few new items such as the aforementioned jade and crystal weapons and further defines their effects. Following on rolugan heels of Rokugan, CoR has a similar extrerior, albeit being not a hard cover, with a vivid image of superior quality depicting a ferocious monster. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc.

Please select a support frequency. Join Date Mar Posts Join Date Sep Location brink of total screaming madness Posts 6, Therefore expectations were high!

A player needs only the Player’s Handbook and Oriental Adventures. As I said, the book works quite well as a standard book. In addition, appendix one contains five new prestige classes, two for naga characters naga slayer and shahadet’s legionnairetwo for nezumi nezumi chuk’tekk “chieftan general” and nezumi remembererand the shadow-walker a pawn of the lying darkness.

I supported becauseā€¦ “I’m hoping to turn into a magical BruSteve chimera. Following the creature listings are a series of creatkres, for ghosts Goryos – pretty nice and useful, much could hgave been done by providing similar templates for more ghost typesa naga-aberration of very limited use More books should be doing that, actually.

Creatures of Rokugan | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This page does not exist. This is an automatic deduction for the book for me — it likely would have had a 5 without this error, even though it’s fairly small in scope. These are only a few of the creatures that stalk the Jade Empire. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. To answer that query we must turn our attention to the latest D20 book for L5R. Faceless spirit armies driven only by vengeance.


However, the section refers you to the Dungeon Master’s Guide section on the topic, despite the fact that there is a much better method for handling this sort of thing described in the Oriental Adventures book, which they have license to refer to.

Creatures of Rokugan | RPG Item | RPGGeek

For example skull tide gaki look like swarms of skulls floating on the waves, that make a maddening chattering sound and try to chew through the hull of ships to get to the crew inside. Fans of Asian fantasy will love this book, which contains dozens of creatures familiar to players of the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game and role-playing game, updated to the Oriental Adventures rules.

The creature descriptions are not arranged one per page, but rather are arranged for maximum density similar to WotC’s Monster Manual. Needless to say, I was rather pleased that AEG is maintaining a high level of quality and imagination in their follow-on books to Rokugan.

Some stand-out creatures because how else do you really describe the contents of a monster book? Foul name-bound demons from the depths of Jigoku.