Monte Cook Games is pleased to announce the release of Numenera Character Options, a page sourcebook chock full of great stuff for your Numenera. Numenera Character Options [Monte Cook Games] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Numenera is a science fantasy roleplaying game set. When the original Character Options sourcebook for Numenera came out, I was not sure what to expect so I was very pleasantly surprised.

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New Organizations This is a new and unexpected addition to the book that I think is every bit as useful to GMs and players. Clumsy characters the dumb luck ability and bonuses to breaking things for example. The chapter is divided into three sub-sections: If the character creation is dull and uninteresting — why would you want to play the game associated with it. Friendship is magic… By which I mean you can establish a constant telepathic link and sharing mechanical resources.

Membership means you are respected by underwater creatures, a boon for when your party goes underwater.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Steps Into the Outside: Essentially, these are interstellar dungeon delvers who head out into the night and find treasures far from Earth. There is also a brief blurb about how characters can advance once they reach the Sixth Tier.

You become a massive juggernaut. I think you can do the math yourself on this one. Speaking of Hulking out… Lives on the Road: The Mlox look human, but have a third eye in the middle of their forehead which they can hide. Now of course, long time Numenera fans will recognize some of these races from previous releases like The Ninth World Bestiarybut this is the first time these have appeared as playable races.


You are a deep thinker and, like the Shower Thoughts subreddit, you can ask some staggeringly bizarre questions.

You might not be a killer but you should be able to plow through puzzles pretty easily! Character Options opens with an unusual question: A Second-Tier Glave might take Sense Ambush, which prevents them from ever being surprised by an attack, or they might take Stand Watch, which prevents them from falling characer or alertness when on guard for up to eight hours.

Please note that these options do not replace the character creation method in the core rulebook for Numenera.

Tabletop Review: Numenera: Character Options

You get skill boosts and knowledge from the datasphere instinctively. This group of bounty hunters is a great addition to the Ninth World, especially since they are affiliated with the Angulan Knights. The best part of this, though, is that you can create a device with this, even something as complex as a cypher once you get to higher Tiers.

Some players will stick with the old options from the core rulebook, other will want to take exclusively from this new book, but most will probably find some in each they enjoy. Negative traits make for great roleplaying and even qualities such as these have positive aspects. He has worked in video game journalism since and is also a paid consultant for Konami and The Pokemon Company.

At the start, this is exactly like the speaker. New Foci The foci are also almost entirely new: Grey Company This group of bounty hunters is a great addition to the Ninth World, especially since they are affiliated with the Angulan Knights.

These deep sea explorers called brine magi they share information and sanctuaries for those who explore under optiojs waves. I thought this made you an alchemist but it makes you a crazy alchemy-infused drug addict. The other large chapter in Character Options is Foci. This site uses cookies.


Devotes Everything to the Cause: Email Print Facebook Reddit Google.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Character Options is by no means a book you need to own in order to play or enjoy Numenerabut it is a wonderful compliment to the core rulebook. Get ready to Hulk out!

Friendship 1 Intellect point: You pretty much become Gambit from the X-Men. Twelfth Ode The secret police of Navarene, now in ophions wind and operating independent of anything looking like oversight.

PSI Playhouse – Numenera Character Options

If you are at all familiar with Numenerathen you will see all the new Foci, Descriptors and racial options and be excited to make some new characters…or grumble and wish some of these had been around when you first started playing the game. There are some really fun options here, all of which should give a character a ton of potential story seeds — as long as you have a creative GM to play off of them.

Finally we have the Nalurus which are a humanoid race carrying a Medusa-like effect on those that view their face. Instead of turning to stone, your brain melts. Glint At the start, numehera is exactly like the speaker.

The third eye is actually a mechanical brain, making the Mlox a very unique type of cyborg. The stat Pools, Edges, practiced list, and adjusted starting equipment are all largely the same. Makes Something Out of Nothing: