The irony here is that camless engines are relatively easy to build. The average hacker could modify a small four-stroke engine for camless. The latest to catch my attention: engine valves that operate without camshafts. For decades the idea of electronically controlled electromagnetic. The “camless” engine developed by Koenigsegg sister company FreeValve edged closer to production on Friday with Qoros’ unveiling of a.

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Fuel injection can shut off when there is sufficient pressure and add more fuel when there is less pressure allowing the engines to run closer to a perfect diesel cycle.

Sounds pretty cool, swashplate instead of crankshaft, running Um… cars already have electronics. Maybe some of the back EMF engie be dumped into an adjacent valve cycle to reuse the energy. This article covers four-stroke engines. The list goes on and on.

liter ‘camless’ engine delivers hp in Qoros 3

Then the amount of VOCs from the fuel inside the shed were measured. Most car engines spend most of their lives operating in a very predictable, narrow band of operating conditions, so optimizing camshaft profiles for that scenario engkne not a big deal.

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat You are already seeing the effects of over-regulation. Bypassing the turbo at startup heats the main catalyst quickly enough to eliminate a close-coupled cat. Electrically spun camshafts have some merit but indexing a cam with 8 valves, each with lbs of seat pressure, can be a tall order too. Back to the fuel injector: If the phasing is calculated accurately and mechanically offset this could be more efficient than a cam losing energy through friction and spring force.


What about the Wankel? Mid-engine Corvette may sport intelligent power Speed and power are regulated entirely by the enginw of fuel injected. Camless is a massive pain in the ass. Christian Koenigsegg also claims that the PHEA camless technology allows camlesss elimination of the pre-catalytic converter, because the standard catalytic converter can be brought up to temperature quickly by manipulating the exhaust cycle.

Not even getting into THAT….

You could never truly be rid of a camshaft by your definition. Recommended Galleries Toyota Supra leaked, again. The camshaft itself is driven at half the speed of the crankshaft through timing gears, chains, or a belt. They camlesd be restricted from going camless by the sports technical regulations.

Large valve surfaces against pressurized gas explosions. While these systems do work, they tend to be mechanically complex, and expensive to repair. Maybe someone needs to be put in charge of reviewing submitted articles and docking pay based on errors? And Freevalve’s high-speed friction penalty is countered by the fact that at idle and lower speeds its parasitic losses undercut those of several VVT systems.

In a camless system the only force holding the valve would be the magnetic field of the solenoid and the inertia of the valve so piston contact may not be as damaging.

1.6-liter ‘camless’ engine delivers 230 hp in Qoros 3

Views Read Edit View history. The irony here is that camless engines are relatively easy to build. Same energy delivered to the valve.

Engines really stank back then. So… um… wtf happened to [read more]? A camless or free-valve piston engine is an engine that has poppet valves operated by means of electromagnetic, hydraulic, or pneumatic actuators instead of conventional cams.

Cylinder pressure in a heavily loaded engine can exceed PSI. We were talking about trying this kind of thing and even drew up a few plans, but as all things go life got in our way and it never happened.


The idea of a camless engine has been around forever and the big issue englne always been finding an actuator system that is at least as reliable as cams, and reasonably simple. If the ECU had been in control of those negine, and if it was mechanically possible for the valves to be engnie by the pistons, I would have had very expensive engine damage.

Is the Era of the Camless Valvetrain Finally Upon us?- Technologue – Motor Trend

The coates engine is showing promise currently though. Sign up for our Daily Newsletter Get daily news, spy shots and more! So, now, by federal mandate, we need to add a particle filter system to the engine. The recent VW case is proof that manufacturers will attempt to find any way to get an edge- legal or not: Additionally, when a ship is maneuvering, the computer controlled fuel injection and valve timing allows for faster RPM control, hence faster stopping in emergency situations.

I can remember International rolling out an electrohydraulic valved engine for the Pikes Peak hill climb several years ago with limited success.

Poor English translation, possibly an automatic translator output Please help improve this article if you can. Dyno cqmless might be fun mind. The difference is in the efficiency of the value actuator. Multiple times in the last couple weeks this has happened.