Caregivers’ potential to reduce preventable harm and improve patient outcomes is profound. Consider the news that came out of Spain last week from a. Webs amigas. Envin – Helics · Bacteriemia Zero · Neumonía Zero Formación. Formación proyecto Resistencia Zero · Módulo de formación. Plantillas para recogida de datos · Útimas modificaciones. Enlaces de interés. SEMICYUC · ECDC · EZCOLLAB. TOLERANCIA ZERO. Bacteriemia Zero.

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He has also announced that a new project to prevent urinary infections will be implemented in In and the NZ project was launched and RZ is currently running. The message has been sent correctly.

Bacteriemia Zero

The session will be used to congratulate the public administration and the institutions for their commitment bacteriemix the implementation of safe practices that have created a better safe environment for patients. On the one hand, the Bacteriemia Zero project BZwhich promotes the prevention of bacteremia linked to central venous catheters in the ICU. The message has been sent correctly. The rate in Catalonia has been that of 5.

Presentation of the results of the Resistencia Zero project in Catalonia . Patient Safety

One hundred and forty-three Spanish ICUs have taken part 80 percent24 of them hacteriemia Catalonia 67 percent.


For further information about the programme follow this link. Its aim was to prevent pneumonia associated with mechanical ventilation, the main source of infection at ICUs.

Fernando Barcenilla and the public ICU medical and nursing coordinators and hospital medical directors discussed the strong and weak points weak of the RZ project in Catalonia.

[Results of the implementation of the Bacteremia Zero project in Catalonia, Spain].

Palomar has outlined its leadership in participation and the results obtained, even though bateriemia is great room for further improvement in some units. There were some complications in distributing some of the tasks, with non-immediate results that obligated the people in charge to clarify concepts and roles. On the other hand, Neumonia Bacteeiemia project NZthe goal of which is to prevent pneumonia linked to mechanical ventilation, the main acquired infection in the ICU.

The session, that starts at 10 a.

The Catalan Regional Ministry of Health has joined these initiatives and participation of health facilities in the three projects has been promoted. Thirty-Four Catalan units currently participate in the project, with a ratio from January to September of 3. Palomar has pointed out the variability amongst Spanish regions regarding participation by ICUs and the data obtained throughout those years.

The session targets medical and nurse coordinators of intensive care units as well as managers, medical directors and people who supervise these projects at their healthcare facilities.


She has said that the project was ambitious and complex and involved many of groups of professionals, some even out of ICUs.

Moreover, there are some ICUs with high ratios of pneumonia due to mechanical ventilation. Finally, she presented the national survey results to nursing leaders in regard to the RZ project.

Most bactteriemia the Catalan units joined the project in its first months. Develop a microbiological culture according to the answers on the structural survey. As far as Catalonia is concerned, Dr.

After the presentations of the results, the coordinators of the project in Spain Dr. Barcenilla has pointed out the questions with a high level of accomplishment and those than can be improved considering bacheriemia responses.

However, they needed to follow these requirements:.

Overall, the results in in Catalonia decreased by 66 percent compared zfrothe previous year of the implementation of the project 2. Only 16 Catalan units followed these requirements However, they needed to follow these requirements: