Under the order of the Emperor from to , Jomini is called “Le Devin ( seer) de Napoléon”. Since , he is named aide-de-camp of Tsar Alexandre 1st. Antoine-Henri Jomini was the most celebrated writer on the Napoleonic art of war . Jomini was present at most of the most important battles of the Napoleonic. Books by baron de Antoine Henri Jomini. Showing 6 Results Books: Advanced Special Edition. Jun 26, by Antoine Henri De Jomini and G. H. Mendell.

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Antoine-Henri Jomini was jomkni Swiss soldier and leading military theorist, whose classical ideas influenced all military strategists and military historians of the 19th and 20th century.

His geometrical approach contrasted sharply with the equally influential ideas of his German contemporary, Carl von Clausewitz Jomini was born in Switzerland, served in Napoleon’s army from toand then joined the army of Tsar Alexander I. He helped to revolutionize warfare through his publications that appeared antoine-hdnri to Jomini used a classical, Newtonian model that saw history as a body of empirical data from which one could derive timeless principles.


Antoine-Henri Jomini – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

He stressed maps that showed the “forces” a Newtonian concept and stressed the importance of quantitative data. Jomini-style history emphasized maps, with every unit and its strength clearly marked, with arrows to show movement of forces. He argued the immutable geometrical principle that “to be superior to the enemy at the decisive point is the key to victory.

Jomini emphasized the offensive only insofar as it resulted in the capture of places—he believed the occupation of territory or strategic points more important than confronting the American army. Jomini was highly influential in America, where his disciples Dennis Mahan and Henry Wagner Halleck taught the great majority of top commanders on both sides of the U. This called for concentration, both strategically and tactically, with strong interior lines of communication between the two wings of the enemy.

Antoine Henri Jomini

In his attempt to enforce these principles, Halleck met with little cooperation from General McClellan, who was slow to move his armies from the Potomac to support General Pope, and from the latter, who failed to observe Halleck’s warning of an enemy attack from the rear. Faced with such obstruction, Halleck’s plan failed and led to the defeat of Pope’s armies by Robert E.


Disciples of the Jomini-inspired “places theory” argued that the Confederacy could not stand without Vicksburg, New Orleans, Corinth, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and other key points, and made their capture the highest priority. Antoine-Henri Jomini From Conservapedia.

Antoine-Henri Jomini

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