Industry. Water Waste Water. Energy Building Services. Mining. Pumps □ Valves □ Systems. Amarex N – Submersible motor pump for waste water handling. Items 1 – 20 of KSB Amarex N – Submersible motor pump. For Waste water, Sludge disposal and drainage systems. Floodable, single-stage, single-entry. The Amarex N – F / YLG from KSB is a submersible pump with explosion protection for the drainage of dirty/sewage water. For fluid.

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No risk of leakage Close-coupled pump design prevents leakages. Flexibility The standard model can easily handle normal skb and fluids with slightly abrasive or corrosive characteristics. This design ensures that the cable is not only accessible, but prevents water from entering the motor housing through capillary action. Thanks to optimised cutter S-type impeller.

KSB Amarex F / Submersible Motor Pump ()

The plugin only becomes active when you click the button, which indicates that you agree to communicate with the social network. To ensure that the pumps can be a,arex dismantled even after years of operation under tough conditions, all wetted screwed connections are made of stainless steel. Vortex pumps employ KSB’s F-type impeller with discharge sizes ranging from 2-inch to 4-inch. The Amarex N motors are also explosion proof as standard version.

In addition, the pumps are suitable for stationary wet-well installations guide cable or guide rails or portable installations. Minimum inventory costs A single set of wear part replacements for all pump sizes and variants. Featuring the best hydraulic efficiencies in the market for submersible pumps under 5HP, the Amarex N line is the best response for a reliable operation with long service kwb for most of wastewater applications.


Energy saving Thanks to optimised hydraulic system and higher efficiency. And amarrex models are designed to use interchangeable spare parts, such as gaskets, mechanical seals and bearings.

KSB Releases Proven, Versatile Submersible Pump to U.S. Municipalities and Industries

By continuing to browse the web site you consent to the use of cookies. Downloads KSB Downloads In the download area you can access certificates, type series booklets and detailed information on KSB pumps and valves in the language of your choice.

KSB goes above and beyond to ensure that its pumps are top performers for any wastewater application. Beyond this we are glad to incorporate any specific requirements regarding cable quality, coatings and mechanical seals.

There is no need to open the motor to remove the plug for transport or maintenance. All Amarex N models come with KSB’s stainless steel Type shaft for long service life and to easily handle fluids with abrasive or corrosive characteristics. KSB’s Amarex N submersible motor pump provides robust wastewater handling and ease of maintenance.

In the download area you can access certificates, type series booklets and detailed information on KSB pumps and valves in the language of your choice.

Bearings are lubricated for life and the motor casing and discharge volute are cast as a single piece, which means fewer parts requiring routine maintenance. Economical submersible waste water pump KSB Pumps and Valves has released its highly efficient range of Amarex KRT submersible motor pumps for amwrex municipal and industrial waste water in an effective and cost effective manner. This also akarex protects the pump from short circuits. Making maintenance easier and more affordable Reliability and quality KSB goes above and beyond to ensure that its pumps are top performers for any wastewater application.


Generously dimensioned ball bearings sealed for life support the stainless steel shaft with a special focus also being placed on the design of the cable gland. Making maintenance easier and more affordable KSB creates pumps with easy maintenance in mind. All pumps are fitted with motor winding temperature protection and moisture sensor to enhance motor service life. Taking their cue from previous models, KSB engineers have further improved the operating reliability and hydraulic efficiency to squeeze more out of the pump.

Grinder pumps with 2 inch discharge and featuring KSB’s S-type impeller macerate and grind solids that come into contact with the pump, easily carrying them through the pump for discharge. The Amarex N features an air-filled motor and double mechanical seals in an environmentally friendly oil chamber. Two isb mechanical seals reliably protect the motor space against ingress of water. A chamber filled with environmentally friendly oil ensures cooling and lubrication of the mechanical seals even when gas-laden fluids have to be pumped.

The outer cable jacket is sealed by a compressed rubber grommet flanked by two washers. The 3-inch and 4-inch discharge sizes prevent clogging and are particularly suited to municipal applications.

Individual connectors are stripped and soldered individually, then sealed in epoxy. The motor design prevents sparking and possible explosions in wet-well conditions in which gases are present.