White Stains has ratings and 7 reviews. Jeff said: Degradation, depravity and odes to fellatio. Yes, the folks of the late ‘s-early ‘s new ho. Other Works by Aleister Crowley: Plays, Fiction, and other originally unnumbered works. WHITE STAINS THE LITERARY REMAINS OF GEORGE ARCHIBALD BISHOP A NEUROPATH OF THE SECOND EMPIRE (Aleister Crowley) Transcribed.

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This is th’ abyss!

White Stains by Aleister Crowley (eBook) – Lulu

Crowley indicates that he had no biographical inspiration for the poetry. At his house there the frightful scenes of ’68 took place, and it was there too that he was apprehended dtains the murders which he describes so faithfully in ‘Abysmos’.

Leave us, sweet Autumn, to our love. In his poems he describes his downfall, always explaining the psychology of each act. Maid of dark eyes. The raison d’etre, though, of their publication, is worthy of especial notice. Using a pen name may have been indication enough that even at the turnof-last-century, the young Crowley fully understood that he was living in a “savage country.

Aleister Crowley – White Stains

But we must part, and love must die. The present collection of verses will hardly be popular; if the lost works turn up, of course it may be that there may be found ‘shelter for songs that recede. Is the corpse the actual victim? I have it now, Thy gift from Aleisterr door!

From the perspective of the theories of analytical psychology, confronting those unconscious aspects of our psyche is a necessary prerequisite for self-development.

Permets-tu que ces chiennes Boivent de ta Marie miel, Sans que leur p’tits culs tiennent Memoire de tes autels? We have complicated rites of burial but for whom are they conducted?

Underlying and informing both of these twin pillars of Aleister Crowley were the issues of sexuality, lust and the necessity of destroying the personal repression of these issues. Dawn brings reason back, and the violet eyes grow sadder, Eyes that were red in the dark, eyes of enfevered desire.


Strange body of apeister desire, Voluptuous, lithe, crowleey wan; For, on my eyes drawn nigher, My hot blood turns to fire, Seeing nor maid nor man. Thus eternity Wheels vain wings round us, who may never die, But cling as hard as serpent’s wedlock is, One writhing glory, an immortal kiss.

Anathema foederis nefandi, jugeris immondi, flagitii contra Amorem, contra Naturam, contra Deum, in saecula praesit Amen! Set up a giveaway. Is it good poetry? ENVOI Thus, sweet, I’ll sing when day doth break And weary lovers must awake To part, but now our pleasure take In aleistwr last bout of rivalry, Whose passions first shall answer make To the dances that the curtains shake Till we must part and love must die.

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In wanton disarray, her hair Streamed jetty black –Ah! Rather, what is at issue is the potential corruption of social norms within the human crowwley, especially if involving a minor a citizen in training. What follows is a selection of stanzas that reflect this defilement:. O thy strong sons! Posted by crkwley Feb 21, Background 0.

All England should ring with his praises; bye-and-bye the whole world should know his name. This is a patch of magenta to mauve, undoubtedly; but -! Hell shrieks with impious laugh; they sing A mad lewd chant; Hell hails me king! Copyright Office website, http: All England should ring with his praises; bye-and-bye the whole world should know his name.

White Stains: Pornographic Occult Poetry as Shadow Confrontation and Cathartic Liberation

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Vient, la crise du delice! Is my soul free? All three enjoy once more, and I Am ready ever to renew These bestial orgie-nights, whereby Loose woman’s love is spiced, as dew On tender spray of spring croaley lie. So runs my dream; but what am I?

Rumble, you rotting whore-skin of a drum! But I, Cut off from love and joy; its memory One black hell of distorted pain; my shame More horrid sfains that first unholy flame, That burnt my blood, and flung me in her arms, Whose filthy kisses and thrice loathly charms, Her purple lips, her acrid redolence, Her black lewd limbs, her breasts, whose foul incense Smoked like hell’s mouth though pendulous they hung, Her devilish black belly, and her tongue Sharp as a tiger’s tooth, lured on my lust.


Who like thyself shall command our ways? Hylas and Sappho choose, and are syains denied of any, Hell’s most insatiate fangs, death and his empery.

She loved me then; she loves me now, afar. I should swoon For the silence, rolled not some dread minstrelsy In fearful anguish on the shuddering air, Breathing out terror and lightning to the night That widly echoes back Hell’s venomous spite, And shrieks aloud the watchword of despair To draw each painracked nerve more tense and gray For I am alone, unloved, in murk and gloom, Unloved, unfriended, fittest for the tomb, Who worshipped golden feet and crowleey them clay.

Bright spheres of heaven, firefly gleams, fair staijs Laugh lightly to the silver globe of night That glitters on green fields, and on the sea Ripples break foamless, where the golden coasts Echo their mellow cadence.

My lover’s limbs of lissome white Gleamed in the darkness and strange light, The wondrous orbs voluptuously Bent on me all unearthly aleistee I gnash my teeth in impotent aleisfer That I aleiser never hold her heavenly hair Again, nor bite her lips, as once my teeth Met in her cheek, to cull a rosy wreath Of blood upon it, nor assuage the pangs Of love with hardy limbs, and dolorous fangs, And sweating body, crimsoning with gore, As her mad mouth devoured me.

She was of noble birth, and — best — A Jewess; her bad lips enticed My lips to taste; I held her breast Fresh from the crucifying Christ; It seemed her thighs were hot with blood Sucked from the bastard Son of God.